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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Tonester Paints? Tonester Paints is an online paint, color & design company based in Orlando, Florida. With interior colors created by Tony Piloseno, we specialize in bold & unique colors to add character to your space.

What type of paint do you offer?

We offer the highest quality INTERIOR latex wall & trim paints. Our product is manufactured locally in Orlando, Florida and offers premium washability, durability, coverage and hide.

Who creates your colors?

Color Expert Tony Piloseno hand-crafts and formulates each color on our exclusive Tonester Paints palette. With years of experience in the home design industry, Tony uses his unique eye for color to bring new life and a story into your home.

Where do you ship?

We offer shipping anywhere in the United States, Canada, UK & Parts of EU.

How long does shipping take?

Due to high demand, orders are fulfilled and shipped 4-5 days after being placed.

Which finish do I need for my space?

Bedroom - Flat or Satin

Living Room - Flat or Satin

Dining Room - Flat or Satin

Bathroom - Satin

Kitchen - Satin

Trim, Cabinets, Doors & Furniture - Semi-Gloss


Frequently asked questions

We highly recommend using two coats of our premium paint to ensure complete color depth and coverage.

No primer needed! As long as the surface is clean and prepped, you are ready to paint.

With our colors being complete unique and custom formulated, other paint brands will not be able to exact match Tonester Paints colors.